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Windows Shutter Since you have decided to install window rolling shutter, then you already know that you will find in them a real source of comfort, as they will allow you to:

-Save energy (better Isolation)

-Enjoy protection against any intrusion from the outside

-Control light

-Benefits from a decoration element that enhances the beauty of your home

-Keep invasive dust, noise, sunlight and heat away from your home.

-Enjoy privacy

 Benefits of Motorization


 Look at how a car without electrical window glass seems under equipped and unfashionable!


Motorized Rolling shutters are manageable, fast and simple...just comfortable!

The Motorization of your rolling shutters offer you increased protection and safety against the sun, cold, indiscreet eyes, not to mention intruders. Finally, with SOMFY motors, your shutter will have greater chance to live longer.


You do not have to deprive yourself any longer from a comfort that you deserve. All you have to do is choose from the vast selection of SOMFY motors and remote controls those that meet your needs

Download Anfal Fast Action Door  PDF file 

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