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A system where the grid is not visible specifically designed for metal tiles. The system. Comprises a “spring T” or ‘A spring” that supports the tiles. This system is fixed to and below a primary grid, usually a galvanized channel section. (Direct suspension of the tile carrying component is possible, but not common).

Concealed / Lay-In Systems

A system where the grid is visible in one direction only. The exposed grid sections would generally be a 24mm Teeas described under ‘Exposed Grid’.


It is the best ideal choice for material decorations in airport, subway, shopping mall, advanced office building and household kitchen. Linear ceiling system can be divided into different types according to the strip panel design. The strip panel can be supplied on any site measurement which provides the perfect flexibility. The Strip panel posses many colors that will provide designers limitless space of imagination.


This system is used for decorative and functional purposes. it also enhances the use of wide variety of lighting systems because of its high flexibility to add or remove any part of it without affecting the overall system. The aluminum profile U-shape blades, can be assembled in different methods to give different cell sizes.

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