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Sandwich panel are composite material that consist of polyurethane filling materials between two sheet. The sandwich panel widely used as roof, wall and garage door in modern construction specifiers go to the sandwich panel due to high standard in thermal insulation, quick and easy installation and variety of colors.

Polyurethane rigid foam (PUR) is very good insulating material compered to other material and it’s not water absorbent and doesn’t harbor bacteria. therefore it’s the ideal solution to use in food store or food industry, factory ,cold store room …etc.

Polyisocyanurate rigid foam (PIR) product gives greater heat stability, increased flame resistance, chemical resistance and dimensional stability, than that of a PUR foam.

Sandwich Panel Benefits 

Perfect insulating properties

Our sandwich panel product in the Anfal complex its multiuses that have many extra benefits that›s allow to use it anywhere you want.

Reduce the power consumption from reducing the air conditioning consumption because the building with the perfect insulation. Our product possesses extra insulating properties by usingspecialized paint which reflect more heat and improve U Value.

Easy and quick installation

Is insulation panels that provides Easy and quick installation, Low construction costs and almost ZERO maintenance costs. Perfectly finished joints to ensure complete leak-proof for many years, against water, dust and damp.

Fire Rated Panel

The (PIR) is a Rigid Polyisocyanurate Foam product which due to its chemical formulation provides significantly better Fire Resistance properties than standard Flame-Retarded Polyurethane Foam Systems and can also be used in a wider exposure temperature range than Polyurethane Foam Systems.

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Download Anfal Sandwich Panel PDF file 

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