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Commercial Quality Consist of Thickness Ranging from 0.03 to 1.03 mm (TeT)
Mainly White Color is Used for Commercial Quality But Other Colors such as
Beige and Gray are also Used.
Around 65% of Local Saudi Market using this Produa. Typical used are for Roofing,
Walling, Cladding, PanelsAir Conditioner Wrap, Accessories, General Applications.

Pre-Painted Galvanized or Pr-Painted Aluzinc is used for Construaing Warehouse, Hangers,
Buildings, School Facilities, Shopping Centers. Ete.


Sandwich Panel
Mainly used for Cold Storages, Refrigerated Vehicles and Warehouses. It is also used for
Freezersand Chillers.


Mainly Aluminum is used for FalseCeilings


Typical Product Applications 

COMMERCIAL Roofing, Walling, Cladding, Panels,
Air Conditioner Wrap, Accessories,
General Applications
Roofing, Walling, Cladding, Panels,
Hot Water Wrap, Air Conditioner Wrap
Roofing, Walling, Cladding, Panels

Download Anfal CCL  PDF file 

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