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Fire Rated Doors - HMD

1- ANSI/UL 10B, "fire test of door Assemblies,"
maximum 3 hours fire rated.
2- ANSI/UL 10C, "fire test of door Assemblies,"
maximum 1-1 /3 hours fire rated.

Non-Fire Rated Doors

1.5 mm or1.2 mm door skin
Rust inhibitive expoxy primer coat
ANSI SDI250,10 or powder coated

as per required RAL color.
Insulation Options:
   - Rockwool
   - Honey Comb 
   - Polyurethane Foam

HMD - Hardware & Accessories

Anfal provieds many kinds of HMD Accessories

and Hardware.

- Lever Handle - Rose Mounted.

- plates.

- pull & push handles.

- lockcases.

- door closer.

- panic device.

- etc...

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Download Anfal HMD PDF file 

Download Anfal HMD Hard ware  PDF file 

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